Are you living your DREAM life?
Or is your life hard work....

Are you living your one precious life to your fullest potential? Are your days filled with passion & purpose?  Do you feel fulfilled, worthy, valued, loved?  Do you have dreams that you never get around to pursuing? 

Why not??!!

Maybe you have achieved in life what you thought “should” bring happiness, but they have left you empty?  Career, marriage, kids, nice home, car, holidays, clothes. You have a great life but..  

You feel overwhelmed, confused, emotional, tired, anxious, not good enough, worried about what others think..

Time is never on your side, you never get everything done, you feel pulled in so many directions, trying to be everything for everyone.

Or maybe you feel lonely. Desperately single or in a relationship but still feel lonely and unloved. Any man is better than no man..? Your heart feels battered and bruised.  No one truly understands you and love is always so difficult.

The vices you use to cope you are embarrassed to admit you might actually be addicted...  Your colleagues, family & friends see a woman who has it all. But internally the daily battle to keep up with your job/business, kids, family, running a home, life, is taking a massive toll on you that you endure in silence.

Struggling with destructive habits that you are trying so hard to hide. A few too many drinks too many nights, pills to sleep & cope.  You know something has to give but there is never time! Happiness seems to allude you no matter what you manage to achieve.

Maybe you have gone to the doctors. Meds & therapy aren't resolving your issues. Why isn't it working for me? What is wrong with me? Run through your head too much of the time. Heading for burnout but unsure where else to turn for help and you are just too busy anyway!

Heading for Burnout...

...with vices turning into addictions you are unsure of how to stop the downward spiral.  Its not like you don’t actually know what you “should” be doing, you just seem to make all the wrong choices and who has time anyway?

Meanwhile, life is passing you by and you are missing out on so much joy and pleasure and that breaks my heart because I have been there!

And I wasted 15 years of my life...

This is drunken, suicidal, depressed, anxious, pill popping old me!

Imagine Instead!

  • Finding meaning & purpose in your life and reconnecting with the gorgeous woman inside you who is DYING to reemerge. 
  • Feeling worthy, loved and FREE to be yourself! Being empowered, confident and in control of your emotions. Feeling comfortable with setting & enforcing boundaries, not obsessing over what others think!
  • Jumping out of bed every morning with excitement for the day ahead and loving your life!
  • Chasing your dreams, knowing that you are adding immense value to the lives of everyone around you, becoming a role model  
  • Feeling calm, content, joyful,HAPPY!

Hello there gorgeous

My name is Jane Curnow and I am a mindset & lifestyle coach, author, fitness model and I am on a mission to support, motivate & inspire as many women as possible who suffer as I used to. I want you to feel as good as I now do! Bursting with energy, vitality, premium health and living my life with passion & purpose!

Having had a successful 30 year career in the corporate world you would be forgiven for thinking I had it all. The six figure salary, lovely home, nice car, gorgeous clothes & shoes, overseas holidays, I even had the ex-footballer handsome husband and was on my way to happy every after? But behind the scenes I was struggling to keep it together. I had impostor syndrome and desperately tried to hide my secret self-destruction that I was deeply ashamed of. I never felt good enough, like I had failed at life. I felt dumb, hopeless, a fraud!

Image & text (with CTA)

I stumbled across the answers to my misery purely by accident. Pursuing further vanity and fueling my dependence on my appearance to source my self-worth I decided to become a fitness model at the age of 45. Through my intense journey to stage, engaging with coaches/mentors and my subsequent devotion to the bodybuilding lifestyle I found the magic formula that has given me complete FREEDOM. Free from diets, addictions, self-destructive behavior and oh the RELIEF with my new found ability to be FREE to be ME!

I am SOOOO excited to share all the mindset techniques I used for my recovery and beyond as I live my dream life

Why aren’t we taught this stuff in school??!!

In this 8 week home study programme I will share with you how to reconnect with the inner goddess who is within you.
She has always been within you.
We just lose contact with our own gorgeousness as life happens!

The other sections are styled to help you create beautiful, high-converting pages. If you already know exactly what you want, use this section to add text, images, video, audio, etc. and build something completely custom. This is your sandbox — create what you want!

You WILL learn how to:

  • Take back your power

  • Find inner peace

  • Feel AMAZING!

Here is what is included!

  • 8 Modules

    Plus 3 bonus modules including audio and/or video training

  • Homework

    This is not just a study course. This is an ACTION course!

  • Weekly Emails

    A motivational email from me every week when each module opens with extra information & tips!

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Nourish your Mind

✅Learn why it is of equal (if not greater) importance to nourishing your body.

Module 2 -  Imagine your way to your Dream Life

✅Understand how powerful your imagination is & learn how use it to your advantage.

Module 3 – Write your Dream Life into your Reality

✅The no. 1 tool that all successful people do daily to achieve their dream life.

Module 4 -  Rewiring your Thoughts

✅Contradicting (and eliminating) the Negative Nancy inside your head.

Module 5 – Eat for Health

✅The education you never got at school on how to nourish your body.

Module 6 – Healthy Habits

✅Lifestyle hacks for optimal health & wellness.

Module 7 – What is your BS? (Belief System)

✅Investigate the stories that have shaped you & see them for the BS they really are.

Module 8 – Exercise with Intention

✅How to exercise when you have no time & tapping into our primitive instinct for ultimate weight loss.

Module 9 – Body Love

✅Lets start with body appreciation.

Module 10 – Passion!

✅Finding and DOING your passion!

⭐Bonus Modules⭐

Bonus Module –  Forgive to Move Forward

✅Why holding grudges is holding you back & what you can do about it.

Bonus Module – Nutrition 101

✅Lets talk Protein, Carbs, Fats.

Bonus Module – What is stress?

✅Understand what stress is and how it affects your body.

Bonus Module - Music Therapy

✅How to you use music to lift your mood. Plus my very own PUMP IT UP playlist that I used in my darkest days.

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

But The Mindset Toolbox is not for Everyone!

This programme IS for you if you:

💚 Know there is a better way to think and feel about yourself but don’t know how or are struggling with the motivation to do it
💚 Want to understand how you can deal with your emotions and stress without involving your secret vices
💚 Have tried resolving your issues with traditional therapy that just isnt working
💚 Want to be a role model to those around you
💚 Know you deserve to feel empowered & confident about yourself & and your life
💚 Are ready to invest the time, effort and money in you and your transformation
💚 Are ready to be uncomfortable, take action & try new ways of healing

This programme is NOT for you if you:

❌ Looking for a quick fix where no effort is required on your part
❌ Not ready to be uncomfortable and step outside your comfort zone
❌ Resistant to and find excuses about trying different ways to heal & change the course of your life
❌ Not prepared to embrace change & take responsibility for where you are and prefer to blame others
❌ Prefer to find excuses for

Are you ready to stop the struggle and
start living your dream life?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the green arrow for the answer

  • What is the difference between The Mindset Toolbox & The Empowerment Academy?

    The Mindset Toolbox is the mindset side of my journey only. There is no modules or teachings on physical health, nutrition or exercise. There is also no support from me. This is a home study course.

  • How much time do I need per week to do the work?

    The modules will take no more than 30 mins to work through sometimes less. However the homework may take up to 30 mins to set up and then time needs to be allocated each day to implement. Each module has action steps that are building blocks to create new habits and routines. The course is designed to drip feed you modules once a week.

  • Will the work feel uncomfortable?

    Yes. There is no getting around that in order to grow & overcome our emotional challenges we need to step outside our comfort zone.

  • Do I have to lift weights & be a bodybuilder like you?

Don’t let another year go by where you are STILL battling with stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and on the brink of burning out!

There is a better way!
And I would LOVE to show you how!💖😘

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